Wallet Connect integrated into Polkasocial Network plus PSN premium plan release — claim free PSN tokens!

2 min readNov 11, 2021

Confirm your email in your mailbox (check junkmail if you can’t find it)

Then go to login at polkasocial.org or on the app on Google Playstore

And click “Let’s go”

2. Now it’s time to tether your wallet

(please ensure you are on BSC Network) — RPC settings below:

Binance Smart Chain RPC Settings for Metamask

Click “Connect Wallet” on the top navigation bar

Select your wallet connect preference:

Click profile face and select upgrade to pro

Click claim to claim your free 5 PSN tokens! Then your wallet address will also be tethered to your PSN Account.

— — →

After that, you may wish to upgrade to a higher plan to experience greater network benefits and receive more PSN tokens. Each tier has some added benefits

Users will no need to remember their usernames when wanting to login.

All that is needed is to click on Connect Wallet and the Username will automatically filled and all that is needed it to enter the password.




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