Polkasocial Official Wallets you can watch…

1 min readOct 10, 2021


Polkasocial is a decentralized social network and has just launched a market on Pancakeswap. Join the next generation Social Network platform that is 1000% Crypto friendly and filled with gifts coming soon such as gas-less NFT galleries, social lending and much more!

Join Polkasocial today — where everyone has a voice!

Please refer to the Official Wallets below, watch these wallets like a hawk if you like :).

1/ Please note that Wallet label 4 is the claimer wallet for contributors .

2/ Wallet 5 is the listing wallet for Pancakeswap.

Please enjoy social media networks in moderation and feel free to post photos of your furry kids and foodie pics! But most of all, lets disrupt the world of social media and EVERYTHING CRYPTO is seriously welcomed! Afterall, it’s where we started!

If you haven’t joined the new social revolution — What are you waiting for?


About Polkasocial

Polkasocial is a decentralized blockchain based social network, NFT marketplace and social lending platform. With Polkasocial , users can follow peers and influencers, live stream, play games and much much more! “Polkasocial allows everyone to have a voice”

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Polkasocial — Decentralized Social Network “Let’s be social, but let’s be decentralized!”