Polkasocial Metamask integration is now complete, but that’s not all…

2 min readSep 26, 2021


The Polkasocial Developers recently gave the integration a thorough testing and also used community members that signed up for beta testing to assist in approving the latest Polkasocial build.

Polkasocial will launch the new wallet integrated iteration just after the TGE on the 2nd of Octobe 2021, it brings some feature-rich additional premium plans which also provide auto PSN airdrops to the Polkasocial user.

This does not mean that Polkasocial Network will involve a cost to use the platform, rather it gives some tiered benefits where a contributor can enjoy other features and also receive tokens for that given fee. A full list of the new features will be released following TGE and include the ability to see who visited your profile, ad and post promotional benefits and much much more.

Polkasocial allows everyone to have a voice!

Join Polkasocial decentralized social network — offering greater freedom & a home to showcase your NFT’s, Social lending and borrowing +all the good stuff!

Polkasocial dual IDO Launch — coming soon!

We will be running two IDO Launches for Polkasocial within the next 14 days accross two top IDO Launch pads, the first one that we can mention is Kwikstarter which is running on the Polygon Chain. We can’t wait to let you all know of the second IDO Launchpad, but we can tell you that it is run by a highly successful team in the crypto space!

Check out Kwikstarter IDO launchpad: https://kwikstarter.org

About Polkasocial

Polkasocial is a decentralized blockchain based social network, NFT marketplace and social lending platform. With Polkasocial , users can follow peers and influencers, live stream, play games and much much more!

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