Polkasocial is a decentralized social network and has just launched a market on Pancakeswap. Join the next generation Social Network platform that is 1000% Crypto friendly and filled with gifts coming soon such as gas-less NFT galleries, social lending and much more!

Join Polkasocial today — where everyone has a…

The Polkasocial Network team has announced that it has burned 25 million PSN tokens today and is also focusing on other development goals for the project even prior to listing.

Of the current 300 million PSN tokens that were intended for Polkasocial future operations, development, marketing, giveaways, influencers, KOLs and…

Users are the product, not the customer. Centralised social media is not a benign way to connect people to one another. While Facebook may connect people better than any other service, it does so at a cost: it gathers troves of data on participants and uses that data to sell…


Polkasocial — Decentralized Social Network “Let’s be social, but let’s be decentralized!”

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